Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Collection: 2003 First Editions Enzo Ferrari

To be honest, I am an avid First Editions collector. I have this obsession for being first, I guess. : P

Anyway, this came in the mail today, courtesy of a click and a few keystrokes online. I enjoy collecting Ferraris and First Editions, so seeing this one a good price was too good to pass up. I have been looking on and off for this piece for a while now, and prices have been pretty high. I'm pretty happy I got it at less than half the prices listed. : )

So thats another Enzo off my list. Joy.

On a side note, Hot Wheels do make a lot of red Enzos don't they?


diwong said...

Haha yes they do! Have you seen the speed machines one...it's blue in colour I think..

Anonymous said...

The Enzo T-hunt is perhaps one of the most EPIC t-hunts to ever be released by Hotwheels. I wish i collected earlier! :(

Eugene T. said...

diwong - yeah but i dont like the tempo on it.

calvin - i agree, it still looks good today!