Friday, January 7, 2011

eBay Watch: Hot Wheels 2011 Happy New Year VW Drag Truck

On the last eBay Watch article I wrote about how a peg warmer can increase in value over time. In that case, the Chevy Silverado took more than 3 years before it appreciated in value. As collectors, besides the value of your collection appreciating, we also look out for bargains. And on eBay, we always hunt for bargains.

And in this 2011, are you looking to step up your game and start collecting those collector chase models?

Like, say a VW Drag Truck?

2011 Holiday Hot Rods Chase: VW Drag Truck (image from

A highly sought after model and a chase piece in the series, one would imagine the price to be pretty high. Surprisingly, that's not always the case. Looking at the prices that this VW Drag Truck has been selling, they have been sold from as high as US$10 per piece (equivalent to RM31) to as low as US$4.46 (equivalent to RM13.70). Not too expensive, considering that the Ecto-1 First Editions are going for US$10 (equivalent to RM30).

So keep an eye out for pieces like these on its initial release, when they are still on the pegs they go for a pretty reasonable price and increase in value over time pretty rapidly. As I write the Buy It Now prices for these are around US$8 and the bids are holding steady at that amount too. If you are looking to start collecting VW Drag Trucks, that piece may just be the starting point for you.

P.S.: There are even cheaper VW Drag Trucks if you look hard enough, such as this and this and this and this.

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