Saturday, January 22, 2011

Collection: Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline

Keeping with the JDM theme from the last post, I will be featuring the Nissan Skyline this time around. One of the first few castings that lured me into collecting Hot Wheels, this casting is a thing of beauty. This car needs no introduction, and if you do not know this car, you should really not call yourself a car enthusiast.

This R32 casting made its debut in the Hot Wheels line in blue and white along with racing tampo, and a huge APT across the side. For the next recolour in the basic car line, Hot Wheels was on top of its game producing the casting under the Dropstars Series. And as if that was not good enough, the Treasure Hunt version one year later was even more fantastic. Orange, white and a very well detailed racing design has made it a huge hit amongst collectors, notably those on the east side of the world. Unfortunately, the flame tampo in black and gold recolours after that was less attractive.

I managed to get most of these R32s by means of trades and buying them off other collectors. I think being in a community of other collectors has helped me expand my collection greatly. I have yet to obtain the T-Hunt$ for the Skyline, can't wait to get my hands on one!


clown said...

do you sell those HW skyline? can i buy it for u?

reply me at

diwong said...

wah! so many skylines... I've yet to have one! :D I like the light blue one in the middle pic on the right.. that one is from some years ago kan?