Monday, February 15, 2010

Collection: Hot Wheels '65 Volkswagen Fastback

Since I posted the touch up on the VW Fastback, I have received quite a bit of comments on the casting. In my personal collection, I have these three. The casting itself, has been pretty well done on the outside and inside. Details, tempo and flamework on the exterior, the interior has a roll cage, engine, one bucket seat (with seat belts), fire extingusher, etc.

They put so much effort into this casting, that when it was distributed into the cases there was only ONE piece in 72. That's as rare as a Treasure Hunt! The weight (everything except roll cage is metal), the history of the VW Fastback, and the limited numbers made this casting a very sought after piece.

Right after the initial First Edition release in 2008, the VW Fastback was a Toys R Us Mail-In promo item in the US for 2009. I was fortunate enough to have received help from a fellow collector to get my hands on it. In 2010, the VW Fastback has been reproduced under the Hot Wheels Phil's Garage, but is a US Target exclusive. Anybody has got an extra to trade? : )

vw fastback
vw fastback
vw fastback


danielh said...

nice fastback collection!!! i have yet to find that other version...

Eugene T. said...

the red one is a mail in offer if im not mistaken, check southtexas to be sure!