Saturday, February 20, 2010

Collection: Hot Wheels Ferrari 288 GTO

I am back in Australia! Since the beginning of the year, Mattel has followed up the highly successful Larry's Garage series with Hot Wheels Garage. This is a series of cars that feature designs by notable Hot Wheels designers Wayne Scott and Phil Riehlman on top of Larry Wood.

One particular car that really caught my eye in this lineup is the 288 GTO. First debuted in the First Editions as the Ferrari GTO, it was originally red and then had two recolours: yellow and copper. The 288 GTO appears again in 2010 under the Phil's Garage, and everything about it is awesome. The new rims, the paintjob, the detailing, everything!

So after seeing fellow collectors in Australia purchasing the model, I managed to get one myself after I came back. Enjoy the pics!

288 gto
288 gto
288 gto
288 gto
288 gto
288 gto
288 gto


danielh said...

nice 288 GTO find elgee!!
this latest casting are really unique and perfect on all departments.Congrtas!!

hope to hear more of your hauls.
see ya!

Eugene T. said...

yeah i really like how much attention has been put into the casting, and i am considering if i should stop collecting mainline altogether. i doubt that will happen though. cheers!

Anonymous said...

hello, I see that you are a ferrari 280 gto collector and I was wondering if you could help me out here. I bought a hot wheels passione 288 gto mint in box about 7 years ago. I have been trying to find out the value but I cannot find anything on them. You can email me at to send you a pic and maybe you can tell me what I have here. Thank you so much

Kathie Americanmusclecar said...

I like the most lovely Ferrari 288 GTO