Monday, September 29, 2008

Collection: Matchbox Car Carrier

car carrier

Finally, I managed to acquire my first car carrier! :-) This one is a Matchbox Car Carrier, traded with deblyrie on the local LYN forums. A very nice fella, who was very generous in helping me haul some Tomicas recently.

The Car Carrier is built to, as its name implies: to carry cars. It has a ramp that is extendable and also able to tilt downwards in an angle to allow the car to drive up. A nifty little piece of die cast, this. :-D

I wanted this car carrier because it will give me something to throw in when taking photos of my collections or custom cars. :-D The Car Carrier knew this, and it couldn't wait to get out of its card! So it just busted out on its own! :-P More photos of the Car Carrier breaking out of its card, and carrying the customs are below.

car carrier
car carrier
car carrier

civic custom carry
mustang custom carry
golf custom carry

Oh yes, which of the customs did you like best so far? Or do you hate them all? If you liked a particular one, what made you like it best? Is it because of the country the car is manufactured? Is it because of the colour? Or do you have another reason?

Why am I asking so many questions? Because I want you, yes you, to decide for me which cars to custom next! :-) How is it done? So far I have 3 cars in mind, one Japanese tuner, one American muscle and another European supercar. I will create a poll and you will vote for which car to custom, and the car with the most votes will be customized! Look out for more details in the coming post. :-)

mystery carry
What will be the next car custom? You will decide. :-)

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