Friday, September 5, 2008

Collection: Porsche Cayman S & '07 Shelby GT-500

Completed the set of regular '07 Shelby GT-500 colour variations today after a purchase from a fellow LYN forumer, nikryan. This is the first 2008 complete carded set, which joins the other 2007 complete carded set which was completed back on the 21st last month.

Complete regular variations for Porsche Cayman S and '07 Shelby GT-500 carded

I did mention that the complete Shelby set is regular. There is one colour variation missing, which is the TRU exclusive, which is not available locally. Looks like I will have to look to eBay to get it.

tru exclusive
TRU Exclusive Recolour - '07 Shelby GT-500

If anyone has the one in the picture above, please do not be shy to contact me or post a comment here. I am willing to work out a deal. :)

But it feels nice to have completed a set of variation. I have a whole list of other variations to complete, which I have added a wishlist on the right panel. Naturally, being a car enthusiast, I prefer collecting real model cars than the Hot Wheels original designs. Have to keep being motivated to continue hunting! :-)

Purchases from a LYN forumer.

Happy hunting! :-)

Edit: The Blue Enamel is not a TRU exclusive recolour. Pardon my mistake. I still want it tho, hee.


Tom said...

The Mini is so cute...

Eugene T. said...

Indeed! Wonder how many colour variations there are to it. :D