Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spotted: Hot Wheels Drift King Wave


On my recent trip to Toys R Us I purchased this car. This '69 Ford Torino Talladega was previously not avaliable here. After checking with Desmond (who recently scored a Super Drift King) from LYN, he has confirmed with me that this car belongs to the Drift King T-Hunt wave. So lads, yes the Drift King wave is in town! Another friend of mine, Khai Min also spotted it in a Tesco outlet.

Notable cars in this wave:
- Drift King (Treasure Hunt)
- Volkswagen New Beetle Cup (Team Volkswagen)
- Camaro Concept Convertible (Blue w/White Stripes)
- Corvette ZR1 (Red)
- Tesla Roadster (Red)
- AMG Mercedes CLK-DTM (Brown)
- Saleen S7 (Yellow)
- Cadillac Sixteen (Silver)

Still recovering from the previous Funny Car wave from the 7E promotion? Better find some cash quick. Sell your blood, sell you kidneys, because from what I hear, this wave is quite limited.

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