Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spotted: Hot Wheels 5-Pack

hw spot

Two new 5-Packs have arrived on our shores! The Top Speed GT and Customizers Corner Shop have been spotted in a number of places I went round today. That means only the Ferrari GT 5-Pack is the only one left that has not graced the racks and shelves of our stores.

hw spot

The Top Speed GT 5-Pack is a racing themed pack with 4 cars and a blimp. How is it that a Blimp that has no wheels made it into the production for "Hot Wheels" still remains a mystery to me until today. The contents of the pack include:

- Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept
- HW Prototype 12
- Cadillac LMP
- Dodge Viper GTS-R
- Blimp

hw spot

The Customizer's Corner Shop 5-Pack has cars' which have designs that are slightly outrageous and funky. They are made to stand out, yell in your face "I'm different, special and one of a kind!". And indeed they are different, with an elongated pickup, tricked out drift machine and a low rider. However, them being produced in mass means that they are not really one of a kind. Still, this pack will make a great addition to my garage. :-)

This pack contains:

- '32 Ford
- Blast Lane
- 24/Seven
- Customized C3500
- Steel Flame

I spotted these at my local Parkson and Toys R Us, which seem to have stocked up with these new 5-Packs. Interested? Go grab yours today. :-)

hw underpants

Perhaps some "Basic Wear" too along with the basic cars. ;-)


Starscream said...

Gee: Do you think that the Ferrari pack has been *gasp* swiped even before it had a chance to reach the racks? Quite sad if that turned out to be the case. Nice update, we can wait for its arrival in SG. Thanks.

Eugene T. said...


oh gosh don't say that! you'll jinx it, and we'll never get it. :-(

on a more serious note, you may be right cos i know of one person who has found the pack. and just only one.

let's hope thats not the case. thanks for dropping by SS! :-)

Tom said...

What is the Basic wear??!?!?

Eugene T. said...

lol Tom, it is boy's underwear. :-P