Saturday, November 8, 2008

Work In Progress: Custom Skyline, Custom Truck & DD Restoration

skyline custom

The Kustom Garage is back! This week (or two), I will be working on three projects simultaneously. First, it is a custom Nissan Skyline by Hot Wheels. Yes, yes, it is another JDM car but hey! If you're bored look what else I'm doing..

truck custom

The second work in progress is a Hot Wheels truck. This is a request from Mutt, and it is my first time customizing a truck, so it presents a different set of challenges altogether. However, there are many possibilities when we were brainstorming how customize this truck, so lets see how well it turns out in the end.

DD restoration

Lastly, it is a restoration project on a Hot Wheels Dairy Delivery, also a request from Mutt. There wont be any radical mod jobs on this DD, just some touch up and restoration works. :-)

Here's to hoping that all will turn out well, till the next post! :-D

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