Thursday, November 27, 2008

Collection: Tomica Limited 0074 Honda City Turbo II & 0093 Toyota Corolla Levin


I managed to get this pair of cars on one of my rare rounds to Puchong. Although Puchong is relatively near, I don't make a trip there as often because there is a need to pay toll everytime you go and come back to my area.

However, the one time I decided to make a trip there I was not disappointed. I got two pieces of Tomica Limiteds that I did not have to add to my collection, and they were not found near my area.

The Honda City Turbo II is not like the one you see on the roads today. It was nicknamed "The Bulldog" and its not hard to see where it came from. According to wiki, this car is produced from 1983 till its retirement in 1987. This casting my Tomica includes a little motorbike (which I mistaken for a radio at first) at the back when you open the back door, which is not detachable from the car though. :-P

The Toyota Corolla Levin is the brother to the more famous Toyota Corolla Sprinter, both of which are called the AE86. They are differentiated by their headlamps: the Levin with the fixed rectangular and the Sprinter with the pop-up. The AE86 was a choice model for both rallying and circuit races when it was in production, which kind of shows that it somewhat has a racing pedigree. Today, the AE86 can be found on drift circuits due to its FR configuration.

levin city
levin city


Toycarsmy said...

Nice Honda City

Tom said...

Waiting the Honda city from your advice...:P

Eugene T. said...

toycarsmy - thanks! i like it :-)

tom - haha, its on its way to your sender :-)