Thursday, October 9, 2008

Work In Progress: Evo X (Kustom Candidate #1 Winner)

evo x

The winner for this round of Kustom Candidate is the 2008 Lancer Evolution! Thanks for all your support, and the Evo X has obliterated its competition by winning margin of 35%! Therefore this car has been uncarded and sent to the custom chop shop. :-D

evo x

Results of Kustom Candidate #1:
evo candidate
2008 Lancer Evolution: 59%

carrera candidate Porsche Carrera GT: 26%

viper candidate Dodge Viper: 15%

Total votes: 27

On another note, since I cannot build dioramas as yet, I decided to photoshop my customs into a photo instead. Enjoy this photo while waiting for the Evo X to be customized! :-)


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

can't wait to see this!

but dont hurry on your custom

good things come to those who wait!:-)

goodluck Eugene! :-)

Eugene T. said...

hee, i just only started yesterday but i was already thinking of finishing it soon. :-P a bit impatient i must agree.

i will take my time on this, to make it nice! :-)

thanks for the words of advice!